My first ever blog post on my brand new business website, how exciting! Hey friend, my name is Claire O’Shea and I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. My amazing partner and I live together with our adorable little fur-baby, Scout. My family mostly live within 10 minutes from us, which is fantastic considering we spend so much time together. I have a slight obsession with dogs, podcasts, glitter & Harry Potter (as I write this I am sitting in my HP Alumni pyjamas haha). I own a Dance Studio in Caloundra that I am so proud of and love working in every single day. Since starting my business I have grown from just myself to a team of 10 amazing women. My team are amazing and care for each and every student just as much as I do. #winning!!

When I started my business I guess as most first time business owners, I didn’t have a complete grasp on the amount of work that would be required. Call it naivety, stupidity or hope – but somehow I thought being able to make all of your own decisions was going to be easier. Oh…… past me! As time marched on, my idealistic notion of entrepreneurial life as ‘24/7 Fabulous!’ transformed. It was and often still is hard, lonely work. Late nights. Long days. Teaching classes. Putting out fires. Chasing my own tail. Money, time and energy were all in short supply. I knew there was only a certain amount of time before I burnt out. It was inevitable, changes had to be made.

I threw myself headfirst into learning everything I could about running a successful dance studio. I attended workshops, listened to podcasts, read blogs & books and eventually started seeing a business coach. With that came a lot of education about online marketing, systemising & delegating. More students register. I quickly learnt about reward and sacrifice.

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Fast forward to now. It’s 2017 and I feel like I have transformed my studio from a busy reactive hobby, to a still busy – but organised & planned business. I am constantly evolving and know that this will be a lifelong journey. On the path I have been so far, I quickly learnt how much I loved to help others. Whether that was a student who was unsure of a step, or a studio owner online that just couldn’t figure out Facebook Ads. The more I thought about this, the more I realised it was time to diversify my business and start helping other studio owners around the world. I’ve been there. I know how hard this journey is. And I want you to know you’re not alone. If you see yourself in any part of my story, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m dedicated to helping studio owners and dancers find their groove, and ultimately lead a life that they love.

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