Running & Owning your own studio will have you taking on several tasks at once. We have all been there at some point; emails to answer, updating your website, communicating with your staff, creating new ideas, projects, phone calls to make, and keeping your social media up to date, so on and for forth! Just thinking about it can drive you nearly mad! I can totally relate. With this post I present to you a solution for those needing some extra help, which can give you that peace of mind, knowing certain tasks are taken care of, allowing you to focus your energy on your studio running smoothly and being present with your staff, students and parents. Enter: Virtual Assistance. I dive into detail how one can find, hire and work with a VA that fits best within your business, and one you can trust!

So how do you get a Virtual Assistant to help with your business?

  1. Finding a Virtual Assistant:
  • Outsourcing to sites such as: Upwork, Fiverr, specific VA only websites.
  • Ask a colleague for friend for a recommendation.
  • Past student or teacher looking for more work from home/remotely.
  1. Hiring a Virtual Assistant:
  • Outline the areas you need help with.
  • Training.
  • Video/phone interview + with written task.
  • Hiring more than one for trial period.
  • Tracking their time.
  • Wages.
  1. Working with a Virtual Assistant:
  • Communication – Slack, Messenger, Email, Zoom ect.
  • Add jobs or tasks and track progress -Trello/ Asana/Google Docs.
  • Clearly outline expected timeframe + Completed task example.

How can a Virtual Assistant help you in the long run?

When taking a any new staff members, whether that be in person or online, each team member has a set of given tasks to help the business continue to run smoothly. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can give you a sense of growth, and accomplishment as a business owner. With this in mind, knowing that certain tasks, even one as simple as replying to an email is off your plate, you can be present with your staff, students and parents within your studio – as well as focussing on important tasks such as growing your studio which sometimes get pushed aside. With this technology driven world, we can work with the resources given to us, so that when it comes to being there in person, your studio family can feel closer together, connecting & converting your business into a community.

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