Feeling overwhelmed with starting your automated email sequences for your studio? I completely understand! Fear not my friend, as I’ve got you covered! With this post, I aim to bring this confusion to an end, and outline the top 5 email sequences needed for your studio to run smoothly, while keep the communication clear with parents, students, and your staff!

So what are these 5 email sequences?

  1.   Welcome Email Series
  • Answering the commonly asked questions when first signing up.
  • Outlines the values, mission & vision of the studio.
  • Introducing your team.
  • Outlining all the benefits & bonuses of attending your studio!
  1. Connect with past/interested students/parents
  • Promotion of your studios Blogs, Events, Special Offers etc.
  • You want to Schedule these and invite, invite, invite!
  1. Teachers Focus: Email
    (thanks to our friends at Dance Domain)
  • These will be scheduled email blasts (per term or year).
  • Touch points with the team for check in, keeping everyone on track, technique focusses etc.
  1. Concert information and preparation.
  • Giving the parents and students a concert handbook in ‘easy to digest’ pieces rather than one large book.
  • Outlining details and answering all the common & frequently asked questions.
  1. Preparing for trial lesson.
  • Have automated forms set up where they can select a trail & book in automatically
  • Once submitted they can get an automated email confirmation + we also get a copy.
  • Welcomes them with a video, and once enrolled we then move to the “Welcome Series”.

How can these email sequences help your business?

There is a lot of hype and confusion when it comes to email sequences, but at the end of the day these emails are there to save you time. Getting critical information out there to parents, students and your staff, keeping everyone on the same page. Although it may seem tricky at first to set up, and keeping in mind automated emails may not solve every single problem, in the long run, these sequences will give your business a sense of professionalism, while remaining personal to each email recipient.

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