Concert/recital season can seem intimidating, overwhelming, and downright hectic from an outside perspective, but in the midst of the storm where costumes are being ordered, dances being choreographed, and venues being booked, you need to find a way to keep your cool. In this post I will be discussing how to streamline your stress free recital/concert. With so many things to worry about and accomplish, why not take the time to plan in a way that executes each task without you wanting to rip your hair out. So sit back, relax, and let me guide you with my tips for a successful & stress free concert.

What do you need to accomplish in order to streamline your stress free concert?


  • Make notes for every task and over plan.
  • Prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

Create a ‘Complete Concert Checklist’

  • In it can be your entire show planned from beginning to end.
  • Use management boards on Trello or Asana.
  • It can be hard outlining every task that you think/try to remember from the year before, so you can create as you go.
  • You can then reuse the board by making changes and refining afterwards in prep for the following year:
    • How can we make it better? Smoother? More exciting?
    • With the help from your office manager & VA, to complete tasks each year, you can deliver information and organise earlier than the year before.
    • Similar board for costumes as well.


  • What is the theme/title of your show?
  • Have fun in the creation process, involve students, staff etc.

Have parents up to date will all the information

  • With this they can know what to expect in preparation for the concert, and on the day of.
  • This will help reduce all of the questions that you know you have already answered before.

Creating a concert handbook & ‘GO TO GUIDE’ email series

  • This is for parents, teachers, and students to be on the same page when diving into concert season. Including everything they need to know about the Dress Rehearsal, Photo Shoot & Recital info etc.
  • We have a ‘go to guide’ that includes everything imaginable.
  • Photos & links to video tutorials for hair & make-up,
  • A costume index which outlines what is to be worn on each part of their body, rehearsal when to arrive, ticket information, cost of photos & DVD, what snacks to bring, how to clean (or not clean) costumes.
    • Tip: put an index in the beginning.
    • This year we put out an intro guide also.

Have backup music & technology

  • Have Backups for the music on a USB or an extra laptop in case there are technical difficulties.
  • Depending how you technically run your show, creating a run sheet for the tech guys is fantastic.
  • Create a lighting document which indicates the number of students, costume colours & ‘feel’ of the dance so the lighting technician can create something spectacular.

Having good communication with your staff, students & parents

  • Use email, facebook posts → page & group – to keep everyone excited and calm about the entire process.

A 911/emergency table

  • Provide extra bobby pins, safety pins, hair spray etc. just in case.
  • Bring any extra hair pieces, spare tights or random shoes at the studio. You never know!

Assigning a marshall

  • Someone that walks around and checks everyone is ok.

Logistics chart

  • Assigning who is in charge of what task and who needs to report where.
  • All students signed in & out.
  • All team members identifiable.
  • Have a clear outline of the day, who is needed where so rehearsals can run smoothly.

#1 Tip would be the CONCERT BOARD! It will change your life!

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