Today I want to touch on an important topic: self love and self care as a studio owner. Some may say they don’t have time for themselves or are too busy running their studio or taking care of their family to really have “me time”. And when things get really tough one may think, well If I don’t take care of these tasks at hand right now then everything will fall apart! I am by no means advising you to just forget about the important things that need to get done but want to put this all into the perspective with the “oxygen mask” analogy, where if you don’t take care of yourself FIRST there is no way you are going to be your best self, and most present with your students, team, parents & loved ones. So today I want to dive into my top tips for self care and love as a business owner, because after all, self love = studio love!

1.Schedule yourself in!

If you are finding you don’t have time for yourself with your busy schedule that’s because YOU are not on there! How can you create space for yourself if you don’t schedule it in? If you are more of a time blocker like myself, then you can create a time within the week or a little bit everyday just for you within your schedule. When planning your week for all the other tasks you need to do for your studio or with your family, look at the free time you have even if it just for 10 mins to sit down and have a tea, mediate, or make yourself a healthy snack, write it in! That way you know you have your “me time” and you won’t feel guilty for putting all the others tasks on hold because you know you have the time to do so. Make a date with yourself!

  • Example: I book 2 pilates sessions in the mornings throughout the week that are pre paid for. Ensuring I never miss!
  • I also take time to do some things that I like for myself. I get my nails painted and my eyebrows done about once a month. I schedule those in with some other errands so I get my ‘me time’ done while also accomplishing some other tasks.

2. Treat yourself like a child or friend:

Maybe that sounds strange but hear me out. If you were taking care of a child or a best friend who needed help, you would treat them with the best care possible yes? If they were hungry you would feed them, if they were sleepy you would put them down for a nap, If they were feeling down, you would encourage them with happy thoughts and give them a hug. Why not apply the same to yourself? The reality of being a grown up is that we are our own caretakers. We get ourselves up on time, dress ourselves, clean ourselves, feed ourselves etc. So why not treat ourselves with the utmost love and respect just as we would others? If we listen to ourselves and our needs as human beings we are bound to live a more fulfilled life, because if we love ourselves we are better at loving others, and the things we care most about.

I recently listened to an episode of ‘Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller’ where he interviewed Bryan Miles the Owner of Belay Solutions, that helps high performing executives achieve more by pairing them with top-notch virtual assistants. He spoke about how his assistant schedules in a nap every day for him so he ensures he gets that down time. Now while I could never personally nap during the day, the concept still applies you either need to carve that time out for yourself, or get someone to do it for you!

3. Nourish yourself

Going off our last point, make sure to nourish yourself when you need it. I don’t just mean food but in all things we are consuming. Feed yourself with nourishing food, lots of fruit veggies, but nourishing thoughts, social media content, and conversations with others as well. Just like in my last point; if you thought or told yourself things you would otherwise feel to be mean or rude if said to another person, why say it to yourself? Let go of those old thought patterns. Nourish yourself with mantras and affirmations you feel benefit you, make you feel happy and worthy. When you nourish yourself you edge out toxicity from your life. This can also be applied to toxic people in your life as well, with certain relationships or even toxic families at your studio. Are these people benefiting you and pulling you up or pushing you down? Same goes with content, if you are constantly comparing yourself to another studio owner or instagrammer and it does not make you feel your greatest self, maybe it is time to unfollow this person for a while. It is not to block out anything negative per say, but to consume less or not not at all, and let go of anything that isn’t serving you, because why would you want anything less?

4. Gratitude attitude (like the dance move…get it?)

It is said that the key to happiness is gratitude. When you are thankful for everything and everyone in your life right now, you feel the most content as you appreciate what is happening in the present moment. I want you to write down your very own gratitude list (will be included in the download at the end of the month) This can be comprised of anything in your life no matter how big or small which you appreciate and brings you joy. I suggest even just writing as few as 3 things you’re are grateful for that day before you go to bed or when you wake up. You could even have the same 3 written out to refer to everyday. Our minds get trained based on creating habits, which then trains your minds to seek out the feeling this habit gives us. So if you practice with your gratitude list everyday, you will train your mind a more positive mindset, and you will seek out even more things to be grateful for in your life! This will install a sense of appreciation in your everyday which not only makes you feel more fulfilled and on the right track, but will attract even more wonderful things into your life! I think it is especially key to write down what you are grateful about yourself and what you love about yourself. It is key to take the time everyday and be grateful for all the things you have accomplished and how you have evolved overtime. Give yourself a big pat on the back because you have done some incredible things. One of them building your very own business of dace! Woot woot!

So there are my top 4 self love/care tips which in turn creates studio love! Remember despite all the madness and stress that you may encounter in your day to day, to spread the love to yourself! Take really good care of you, make time for you and treat yourself with the love and respect you would another. That way you will have the energy to take care of your other love, which is your studio. When you take care of yourself you can then give all your wonderful students, teachers and parents your full attention, becoming the best version of yourself to run your business and grow it to its full potential!

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