Today I am going to take you on a little journey...A fall in love flashback! I am going to ask you the 8 fundamental questions for you to reflect on, which will rekindle that flame you once had with your studio, in order for you to move forward with your business in a healthy, positive way! We all caught get up in all the small tedious tasks, the stressful moments or times things just aren't going our way. We sometimes lose sight on our love for dance and our studio, but it is important for us to remind ourselves why we started our businesses in the first place. That is what these reflection questions are all about. 

1.What was your first introduction to dance?

This may seem silly, but I want you to really dig deep on who inspired you to start, what age you started, what experience you had and how it all began. You may know this at the top of your head easily or need to think a bit, but the whole point of this exercise is to connect you back to your roots and embody the experiences you had which litt that flame inside of you!

On the flip side, unfortunately there are studio owners out there who started their businesses or teaching because they didn’t want other children having a bad experience like them. Were there any bad memories or experiences? Did you experience anything that you would have liked to have gone differently? How did it make you feel at the time and why do you think it has carried with you throughout the years? Why did you decide to turn this into a positive experience and result?                  

2.What made you want to continue dancing?

With all the distractions, obstacles or hard times why did you continue to dance? What kept you going all these years? When you could of stopped, why didn’t you? This is so important because at any point in our lives when things get tough we tend to let go of or move on from certain areas in our life that are a large money or time investment. What was it about dance they kept you on track?

3. What is your favourite dance memory?

Think back to your favourite class, dance routine, teacher, performance that was pinnacle for you. What about this experience for you was monumental?

  • Friends
  • Competitions
  • Hanging out in the waiting room

4.What made you want to teach?

Reflect on the time where you wanted to take your love for dance to the next level. What gave you the idea to start teaching? Who inspired you to do so and why did you feel this next step crucial for you in your journey? Can you identify the reason or motivation which gave you the incentive to educate others?

5. Who inspired you the most to start your studio?

Was there a teacher, student or peer who inspired you to open your own Business of Dance? Were you inspired by another studio owner, workshop or the studio you grew up dancing in? What gave you the idea that the direction of business is something you wanted venture with your love of dance?

6. How did it make you feel when you first visualised having your own studio?

Take a moment to close your eyes as visualise the memories that this question brings up for you. When first realised you wanted to open your own studio, how did that make you feel? When you day dreamed about what your studio would be like how did that make you feel? What did you hear? Feel? Smell? What did the classrooms look like, what were the colour of the walls and mostly how did this inspire you to follow through with your business plan? I want you to focus on how this made you feel.

7. How did it make you feel when you first opened your business and got your first students, had your first recital, hosted your first workshop etc.?

Similar to the last question I want you to think back to the time where you first opened your studio. What did it feel like? What was it like to host your first event and seeing the result of all your hard work? Can you recall the reaction of the other people, students and parents? How did you feel after that?

8. In what way did you benefit another dancer or student? Either for the first time or recently.

Lastly I want you to remember a time where you really helped another individual with your business. Now I know you do everyday with your regular classes or programs, but can you think of a time where a parent, student or teacher gave you feedback that really made you think “this is why I do what I do” Maybe a student got routine down they were really working hard on to master, or a parent told you how much happier their child is since coming to your studio. How did this make you feel in the moment? How does it make you feel now?


These are your reminders, and I want you to got these down, and keep them somewhere you see everyday be it your bathroom mirror, fridge etc. That way when you are having a hard day, feeling overwhelmed or stressed you can take a second and meditate on the reasons why you began your Business of Dance journey in the first place, giving you some perspective on the bigger picture. This is how you want to feel everyday and will help you in knowing why it is all worth it. At the end of the day you are doing your best, and providing a happy safe, and fun experiences for your students like you once had, which inspired you to start your studio in the first place. So there are my top 8 reflection questions to help you fall back in love with your studio and remember why you started in the first place!


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