For this post, I will be discussing all about whether working with a coach is right for you and your studio, as well as the importance of professional development programs for business owners no matter how big or small their business may be. The truth is everyone can benefit from insight, advice or even a program which can help them on their path to reaching their highest potential and dreams for themselves or their business. No one is perfect and not every coach or professional program is right for everyone but the points I will be going over today are some that can get you thinking if you are in the position to start with a coach, program or course. If you are looking for something new to start, have used a program that didn’t work before or are new to PD in general, I really believe this podcast will be super helpful. My mum always says I am addicted to learning, so I hope my obsession can help you in some way also.

  1. Assessment questions

A great place to start is to ask yourself a few critical assessment questions:

  • Are you satisfied where you and your team are at right now?
  • Are things running as smoothly as they could?
  • In what areas are you struggling or would like to improve?
  • Do you feel like you just can ever “catch up” on what needs to be done - or are you always doing what needs to be done day by day?
  • If things are running smoothly and have been for years, what’s next? Do you want to scale and grow? Take on more students, add another location? Expand your brand?
  • Do you feel like everyone else seems to have it all figured out except for you?
  • Do you see others doing what you want but don’t know where to start or how to get there?

Asking yourself these assessment questions, and being completely honest with yourself about how things are going for your studio, team and business as a whole can help you see what areas you are struggling with. If you seem to find many trouble areas, or even one major one, this might be a good time considering asking for help and looking for an outside source which the knowledge and expertise in these areas you feel you are lacking in. Remember you are not a failure for needing or asking for help. It takes strength to reflect and identify what is not working and what you are wanting to do better. This is a fantastic place to start.

While there are some amazing dance related coaches and programs out there, it doesn't mean you have to go that way. If you are interested in solely focussing on marketing, or increasing your social presence, you may be better off on finding a specific program in that area that supports a lot of different people across a variety of industries.

  1. The fear

I feel a lot of us can get stuck in our old ways. What has worked all along may no longer work, and we think to ourselves “Well I’ve always done it this way, So I’ll just keep doing it”. Maybe some of you have been in the business a long time, and some have yet to open their first location, and are just starting out. No matter where we are in our journey I think it is a positive thing to keep looking forward, embrace the new and get outside our comfort zones. Let’s talk about the “fear”. Not everyone has this but I can guess that some or most do. The fear of change, the fear that new things are happening, updating, advancing and we may not be able to keep up. The fear of investing in ourselves. As technology advances so does the way people run their businesses. This also goes for dance studios as well. We need to let go of this fear and ride the wave. We don’t have to follow every trend or download every new tech tool, but if things really aren’t working for you, it may be time to consider your options. Let go of that fear and ask for help. Hiring a coach can be amazing for this because you are taking control of the situation and taking the first step in the direction that will benefit your business, team and students for the better. Let go of not knowing everything and feeling like you have to do everything yourself. The truth is you are more in control when you are purposely getting the help you need.

  1. Even Therapists have a therapist

This sentence says it all. It basically reveals that even the most educated experts in their field still have problems. We all need assistance no matter where we are on our business journey. Even the most successful people go to others for advice, a second opinion or have a coach to refer back to. No one just gets to the top of their game by themselves and stays there without any help. You have to remember the most successful people are the ones with a team behind them. Everyone looks at Oprah thinking “wow she is so amazing, how does she do it!” And yes, she is amazing, but she also has a team of 50+ people behind her that make what she does possible. Hiring a coach or taking a business development program is similar. It is looking for ideas and ways outside of yourself, and having someone look at things from not only a different perspective, but objectively. We get so attached to our businesses, some even say that it’s their “baby”. But at the end of a day as much as we love our studio, it’s still a business. And getting another perspective and format to better run our business can be a game changer!

Working with a Coach 1:1 is a fantastic way to get accountability, get specific support and advice. It really is the fast-tracked way. Doing small group programs are fantastic because you really do build a community of support and it is so wonderful to bounce ideas off of people who are at similar points, or even a few steps ahead. Online courses and programs are great if you are dedicated and can keep yourself accountable. Some people find the larger group programs tricky, but those that love to work individually could really thrive in this setup.

  1. Accountability for your dreams

I think a lot of us have big dreams for our business and ourselves, but how many times have you had an idea for your studio and haven't followed through? Perhaps your dream is to scale your studio, attract more students or even automate your business, giving you more time with your family or even to better run your studio. Whatever your plan or dream is, it is fantastic to have that one person or a few people to keep you accountable, knowing that you have set out a plan for your business, and you have the knowledge to follow through. Having this accountability there for when anything goes wrong helps you to have someone to refer back to, see how to move forward and gain a new solution for the future if problems arise. A great option is even a support group, or group coaching if you work better in a community setting. Having these programs can keep you get back on track and help you go after your dreams once and for all! No more putting your brilliant ideas or a plan to better organise your business on the back burner. It is about taking control and becoming your best Studio CEO!

I hope this post helped you discover if hiring a coach or partaking in a professional development program is right for where you are at in your business. Remember you don’t have to do everything yourself. Asking for help and looking for a program that is right for you can be the first step in achieving your goals, and turning your business into a dance empire!

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