I want to start by saying that I understand everyone is in different stages within their business, and some of you may not have your own venue just yet, or maybe have just done a little makeover already but today I want to offer you some of my tips and tricks which you can apply to your studio, either now or in the future! Not every makeover has to be a a change to the physical building of your studio such as an entire paint job or new floors, but can be anything from giving your websites, branding, language, or even team practices a facelift! It’s the little things that others will notice which could result in attracting more students to your studio!

1.New studio colours /branding

Now like I said this may not apply for everyone, if you have just started your studio it is probably too soon to change or revamp your branding, but for some of you out there this may be exactly what your studio needs. We all get stuck in old ways at times, but the truth is that times are changing and people want fresh, new and fun ideas, colours etc. Something as simple as rebranding your colour scheme for your business can make a world of difference. It may seem like a big step, but it is certainly a step in a good direction. It all depends on your “theme” your business exudes and your statement, but fun & bright seem to be good at attracting in others as it looks inviting! You can seek a branding coach or simply sit down with your team and do some brainstorming. Yes this could result in a new paint job down the line, but try to take one step at a time if you feel this is the step that could give your studio the makeover it really needs. Alternatively you could keep your colour scheme and give your logo a reboot. This is something that can be easily outsourced which won’t make a huge dip into your budget as well.

2.Let the students decorate with their words

A really great and fairly inexpensive change you could make would be to install a chalkboard or whiteboard (you could even paint a wall as a chalkboard) and place it either in your lobby/waiting room or one of the studios. With this you can get each student to write something they love about the studio, or something they learnt that day. In the past when hosting a camp at my studio we get our camp students to decorate the wall every holidays. We also have a painted wall in our petite room where we draw some pictures relevant to our theme for the month. This is a great way to for the students to feel more included, as well as show student enquires who visit the studio the overall vibe of the studio and give them a sense of community if attending the studio long term.

3.Website Makeover

Another option is to give your online studio a little makeover, your website! I have said time and time again that having your website not only up to date and looking fab is great, but it can make a big difference with your in-studio success. If you do decide to change your branding and colours, make sure that the website matches. If not, make sure everything things is up to date with classes, events contact info etc. Another great option, as I have mentioned in previous episodes is to add a blog to your website. If you want to learn more about this, you can listen to episode 3. You can even look up the latest trends, what are people really liking in terms of website layouts etc. Even something as small as creating a better online presence can help drive more traffic to your studio, so make sure your website is just as gorgeous as your studio, and remember to stay consistent with your social posts as well.

4.Installing your own digital display case

When you are shopping, most of the time what makes you want to go inside a store is the beautiful display case right? So why not do this for your studio? What I have done, and I am sure many others, is install a tv in the front window of my studio. This screen plays a few minute video on repeat showing snippets into some of the classes, upcoming events and enrolling details. If you are not tech savvy, or don’t have the time you can always outsource to a VA, or freelancer to whip you up a quick video with clips from classes, workshops and even past performances. That way, when others walk by your studio they can get an idea of what it would be like on the inside, and if they are intrigued can either do a quick walk in or gather the information off the video if they know someone who would be interested in taking classes.

So those are just a few of my quick tips for a little studio facelift which can make a difference when attracting new students, as well as give you a sense a pride with your business, helping you fall back in love with your studio all over again!

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