After reading my last post, you may have thought to yourself “How am I supposed to write consistent blog posts on my website while running my studio?” It sounds crazy and impossible, but in this post I’m going to tell you my 10 secrets to generate consistent posts without you even having to write them! Everyone gets busy, and finding time to sit down and write a blog post seems terrifying on top of your everyday todo list. I’ll let you in on the ways I have stayed consistent with blog posts on my website, which will alleviate stress for you, create a greater connection with your students, and staff, while you focus on the bigger task at hand, running your studio!

What are my 10 ideas for creating blog posts without having to write them yourself?

  1. Ask your team members to write a short article on a topic they are passionate about or have further education/ knowledge on.
  2. Student Spotlight series: Select students from wide variety of classes to answer questionnaire, or apply for submission.
  3. Student teachers to be put on a schedule for when to write a post.
  4. Creating mini “how to guides” for students.
  5. Seek permission to republish valuable/informative articles with full credits.
  6. Outsource and hire others to write them.
  7. Asking people in the community who may also want to grow their following.
  8. Transcription services via online or computer based.
  9. Repurposing video content by either transcription or reposting the video.
  10. Getting studio parents involved. Answering common questions or sharing experiences.

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