I hope that everyone has been enjoying the new year so far. When it comes to resolutions for your business we all have unique desires and goals for our studios, but one I have seen time and time again on people’s list is to increase enrolment. Well in this post I will be discussing just that! I will be giving you my top 5 tips on how to reach your enrolment goals, and make 2018 be the year with your best student intake yet! With these tips I want you to keep in mind your personal goals, and have your resolutions list handy. This will allow you to assess your current enrollment goals and what steps you need to take to achieve them, no matter how big or small they may be!

  1. Marketing & Social media:
  • Use your social media platforms to your advantage. Post consistently on your social channels. Use hashtags that are being used regularly that align with your studio.
  • Use stories and videos on Instagram & share live /recorded videos to facebook. We all know how much the algorithm is changing - but LIVE video is performing extremely high still.
  • You can get the students to share these to their social media so their friends can see.
  • Create a facebook ad. There are certain requirements for making a well rounded FB ad, but overall having these ads will be helpful, especially because it allows you to zone in on your target audience. So you can attract not only more students but the type of students you want to take on in your studio.This can range anywhere from the  age, gender, location and interests your students would have.   
  • Adding a blog to your website will also be beneficial as it increases your SEO, driving more traffic to your website and class enrolment features on there. If you want to learn more about this, Check out my blog post all about The Importance of Blog Posts on Your Website!
  1. Stay up to date:
  • It may be time for a mini studio makeover!
  • Make sure your website is up to date with everything you offer. Get a friend, your partner or someone on your team to sit down and make a note of any outdated links, broken links, old information or even language or photos that might need a little spruce.
  • If someone is interested in signing up for a class, event or workshop, make sure those events are up to date, and have the option to book in.
  • Keep up to date with contact info; phone number, address, email etc. Make it really easy to contact you!
  • Keep your teachers page, about page, as well as testimonials up to date. You don’t want info about someone who no longer works there, or a testimonial from 5 years ago.
  • Keep it fresh and visually appealing so people are more willing to sign up.
  • Be up to date with all your automated emails, email blast, and newsletters. Send to current, and past students, or anyone who has ever attended an event. Keeping everyone up to date with what is happening at your studio may draw in others from the past who want to take another class or even a workshop. You don’t want anyone to miss out!

3.Student’s Friends:

  • Bring a friend week
  • Friends who dance together stay together
  • Those who love to dance will attract those who also love to dance
  • Attracting those who align with the same values
  • Provide a ‘refer a friend’ discount to that student
  • Use the generation of technology to your advantage by occasionally allowing students to film for facebook or Instagram to share with their friends. That way they can tag their location and let others know where the studio is.
  • Student appreciation party and new registration open house for 2-3 hours including a cake. You could open this up to your current students and invite them to also bring a friend to party with!

4.Create your own special promotions that work within your budget

  • You don’t have to go handing out free things left right and centre to get new students but it’s okay to offer discounts or promotions, especially when it comes to enrollment or when you are first starting out.
  • Free or discounted registration before a given date
  • Give away 1 spot in a workshop free when entering a prize or auction with a local fundraiser
  • Free workshop for the holidays, beginning of a term or year, or when first opening your studio.
  • I don’t recommend discounting classes on a regular basis - but the above will get people excited and encourage them to take action early.
  • Priority re-enrolment for current students. They are your VIPs after all!


  • Get involved with community events, make your presence know.
  • Post ads and events on community facebook pages or newspapers for free.
  • Give classes at a local school and bring pamphlets for students who are interested in dance classes to bring home information to their parents.
  • Attend fundraisers or event host one!
  • Use word of mouth and tell family members, friends who may have children and neighbours the new exciting events and classes at your studio and tell them to tell others!
  • Try and organise a ‘dance tour’ with your performance or competition team to a few of the local schools with a couple of dances. There is themed weeks throughout the year, where you are more likely to be invited. You showcase your talents and hopefully leave a postcard or flyer with studio info for each child, or interested children to take home.
  • Contact your local preschools or mothers group and offer to give them a free class, or open your studio up to a special ‘play date’ where they can attend. Either for a very small fee or for free. The more you can grow your Preschool program, the better!

So there are by top 5 tips for increasing enrollment for the remainder of the year and years to come. I hope these tips were helpful to you when planning your enrollment goals and resolutions for your studio. Remember at the end of the day your success if not defined by the number of students you have, but rather how you are impacting your students in a positive way within your studio.

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