I know you spend so much time creating, organising and releasing your blog posts for your website, so why not get the most out of them and use them in as many ways as possible! Not everyone may have time or will see your posts when first released, so distributing them in multiple ways on multiple platforms can be beneficial for everyone! In this post I’m going to let you in on the 4 ways you can repurpose your blog posts, giving current and future families to see the amazing content you are creating!

So what are the 4 ways to repurpose your blog posts?

  1. Converting a blog post into a PDF.
  • Share as a download for your website, through a Facebook page or email.
  1. Use in an Email Sequence.
  • The post can be put into the body of the email or in attachment.
  1. Converting Post to video or audio format.
  • Creating a Podcast for current families for prospective new clients.
  • Videos can be shared on your social channels.
  1. Scheduling posts to social media.
  • Getting the most out of your amazing blog posts.
  • Helpful for current or potential families who want to see what you are creating.

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